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(1) If a vehicle appraised at a value of $1,000 or less and taken into custody under the provisions of ORS 819.110, 819.120 or 819.130 is not reclaimed within 30 days after it is taken into custody, the City may sell the vehicle to the towing company which is storing the vehicle. The sale shall be without public auction and the sale price shall be the total amount of towing and storage fees incurred to the date of the sale.

(2) The contents of any vehicle sold under this section are subject to the same conditions of sale as the vehicle in which they are found.

(3) Funds received from the sale of a vehicle or its contents under this section shall be credited first to any costs incurred in the sale, then to any costs and expenses incurred in the removal, preservation and custody of the vehicle, and then to the general fund of the City.

(4) Upon sale of a vehicle under this section, a certificate of sale in substantially the following form shall be issued to the purchaser. The original certificate of sale shall be delivered to the purchaser and one copy shall be filed with the city Recorder:


This is to certify that under the provisions of Section 6.984 of the Code of Medford, I did on the _____ day of ______________, 20___ sell to _________________________ of _________________________ for the consideration of _______________ Dollars ($__________) the following described personal property:

(Brief description of vehicle)

and in consideration of said sum, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I have this day delivered to said purchaser the property described above.


Dated this ____ day of ___________, 20___.

Chief of Police

NOTE: The City of Medford assumes no responsibility as to the condition or Title of the above described property. In case this sale shall for any reason be invalid, the liability of the City is limited to return of the purchase price."

[Added Ord. No. 6687, Aug. 2, 1990; Amd. Exh. A, Ord. No. 2021-135, Nov. 4, 2021.]